Super Life Battery
When, for perfectly good reasons, the battery suddenly dies, it's more than annoying - but avoidable. EX-S500 "Latin Orange" uses very little energy and takes a Super Life Battery. And so it has enough power to take 200 photos to CIPA standard.

10 years of CASIO digital cameras - experience their progress in the big anniversary special.
3x optical zoom
Incredible: The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" is only about as thick as your little finger - but has a 3 x optical zoom. And so you will be able to see the finest details and will always be in the thick of the action.

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BEST SHOT button
Why hide? BEST SHOT motif settings are extremely practical and therefore can be accessed immediately at the touch of a button. From "Landscape" to "Sunset" your EX-S500 "Latin Orange" readily adjusts to the most varied demands, regardless of whether you are taking photos or movies.

BEST SHOT motif settings overview
Take photos while you are filming a movie
Film movies and take a photograph at the same time - you don't need two cameras to do this but the EXILIM EX-S500 "Latin Orange" card. Press the button while you're filming a movie and enjoy individual photos in full 5 Megapixel quality.
Movie editing function
Your own cutting room: With the EXILIM EX-S500 "Latin Orange" card you can cut movies where and when you like - without a computer or complicated software.

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1 GB = approx. 1 hour of movie
Camera running! And running and running ... The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" stores your recordings in such a compact way that long films are not a problem. Example: With a 1 GB-memory card* you can record several films with a total length of up to about 1 hour - without having to sacrifice quality.

Movie quality  
*Available from your dealer as an optional extra.
You don't have to be an expert to take fantastic pictures: In fact the EX-S500 "Latin Orange" has 33 flexible pre-settings for all sorts of situations to ensure that all photos and movies turn out well automatically. With BEST SHOT you can create and save your own settings in a flash too and you can retrieve them at any time.

Nearly all EX-S500 "Latin Orange" BEST SHOT motif settings are suitable both for taking photos and movies.

BEST SHOT at a glance  
Memory card slot for SD and MMC memory cards
As you like: The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" can save your photos and movies either on MMC memory cards or on SD cards. You can decide as and when you want to which of these optionally available cards you use.
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