2.2-inch TFT colour display
Full 2.2": The large, brilliant TFT 84,960 pixel colour screen gives a precise view of any subject. Thus you can find the best picture section or view saved photos and movies.
5 Megapixel CCD Sensor
For high quality prints: The CCD chip offers 5 million pixels. Such high resolution photos give you the advantage of being able to print them in excellent quality or to edit them on the computer. And so you will also be able to enlarge details and photos to poster size.

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Autofocus light metering
Sharp photos despite darkness: Autofocus light metering supports the autofocus system of your EX-S500 "Latin Orange" if it is dark.
High Quality Movie
If you take films with your EX-S500 "Latin Orange" these will be saved in high resolution and with sound. Thanks to MPEG-4, this quality fits onto a tiny memory card - for long lasting filming pleasure. All films can be shot at 30 pictures per second and in VGA resolution. The length of your films is only limited by the size of your SD card.

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Stainless steel housing
Only quality materials are used for the fine metal housing of your EX-S500 "Latin Orange". And so the camera has the strikingly elegant look of a genuine EXILIM.

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Quick Shutter

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With moving subjects an autofocus must keep resetting itself - and this wastes time. The quick shutter turns the autofocus off when the shutter is immediately pushed down fully. The time between pressing the shutter and shooting starting is now only 0.008 seconds.

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"Latin Orange".
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