Anti Shake DSP
Annoying: You photograph the most beautiful settings and discover later that some pictures are blurred. Anti shake DSP prevents just that.

Now in Special: All about Anti Shake DSP, Quick Shutter and Auto Macro function - the invisible stand of your EX-S500 "Latin Orange".

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USB Docking Station
Everything in one place: in the USB docking station with high speed USB 2.0. Here the battery is charged or the camera connected as quick as a flash to the computer or photo printer. Thanks to the AV connection you can even show your photos and movies on the television.

The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" allows you to connect at up to 480 Mbps and provides USB Direct Print and PictBridge standards for direct connection to many current photo printers.

Slide show in the docking station
Cutting: With trimming you can define sections of a photo while they are still in the camera and save them as separate shots. And so, for example, you can just cut a person's face and print it out as a photo - even without a computer.
Icon Help function
  Questions on how it works? Many of the EXILIM EX-S500 "Latin Orange" functions are all but self-explanatory. The help function icon stands for small, helpful flashes on the camera screen that tell you about the setting you have currently selected.
Photos become film scenes: The camera arranges selected individual pictures into attractive, print-ready collages.

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Movie Enlargement Playback
Big screen: Films you have recorded can be enlarged up to 4.5 x - without losing any of the details.
Past Movie
Pressed the movie button too late? Past Movie saves valuable seconds retrospectively.

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Short Movie
Miss absolutely nothing: This function creates attractive short films - even if you press the movie button too late!

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Flash Assist function
Problem detected: With flash shots the background often remains dark. The subject is only slightly lit. The solution: Flash Assist. With this function the subject can, in many cases, still be corrected automatically.
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