New EXILIM Engine
Saves space and ensures fantastic shots: The new EXILIM engine. It incorporates several components in a tiny space, works extremely quickly and saves energy. Thus it offers high resolution photos, high quality movies and a large number of functions in one housing that fits neatly in any pocket.

10 years of CASIO digital cameras - experience their progress in the big anniversary special.
DIRECT ON function
In an instant: While other cameras are still extending the lens, you have long since been taking the best photos and movies thanks to the DIRECT ON function. At the touch of a button your camera is ready to shoot in just 1 second*.
*flash off, internal memory
Movie button
Action! With this practical button you are always ready to film the best scenes When the camera is switched on a touch of a button is enough and filming begins immediately.
Auto Macro function
  Get closer! The Auto Macro function ensures sharpness in details or smaller settings. The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" has focussing ranges of between 17 and 50 cm in macro range, i.e. close range.

Now in Special: All about Anti Shake DSP, Quick Shutter and Auto Macro function - the invisible stand of your EX-S500 "Latin Orange".

Better pictures with Macro & Co - in the workshop 
High speed image scrolling
Are you looking for something? With the high speed image scrolling function you can scroll through ten shots a second and thus find the right one quickly.
Quick Response
Impulsive people don't like waiting. And you don't have to either because with the EX-S500 "Latin Orange" the time between focussing and pressing the button is only about 0.008 seconds.
too late   okay
Intuitive human interface
Your EX-S500 "Latin Orange" is a real one hand camera. You control menus and movie shots with your thumb and the shutter release and the autofocus with your index finger.
Flexible High-quality
Camera adviser
EX-H30 Special