Photo stand feature
Digital picture frame: If you wish you can run your saved pictures across the screen like a slide show.
"Latin Orange"
Inspired by colourful Mediterranean tones and zest for life, "Latin Orange" radiates its Latin temperament.
  More exciting colours:
New menu design
Style in the detail: All EX-S500 "Latin Orange" menus not only provide easy settings but also round the design off perfectly.
Ultra flat housing
This is included: The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" is only about as big as a credit card, as thick as your little finger - and doesn't weigh much more than a bar of chocolate.

In detail that means: 16.1 mm thick*, 115 g in weight. The EX-S500 "Latin Orange" fits in any pocket and is always quickly at hand for fantastic photos and movies.
* excluding projections

Special & prize draw: How small is the EXILIM?

Design history: developments from the first model to today.
Practical Technicial Specifications
Camera adviser
EX-H30 Special