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Aug. 07 2013   Casio Launches High Speed EXILIM with Powerful Image Stabilization
Ready to Capture High-quality Hand-held Night Scenes and Zoom Shots Equipped with Time Lapse for Playing Back Long-time Changes in a Short Time

May 22 2013   The Ultimate Camera Test!
New Challenges for the EXILIM ZR Series:
The EXILIM Challenge Is Heading into Round Two.

Feb. 18 2013   Casio Releases Stylish EXILIM Camera with 20.1 Megapixels
Beginner-friendly Buttons for Shoot, View and Delete
Also Featuring Premium Auto and Art Shot for Beautiful and Fun Photography

Feb. 18 2013   Casio Releases EXILIM Digital Cameras Designed for Any Lifestyle
Jan. 29 2013   Casio Expands Lineup of Responsive High Speed EXILIM Cameras
EX-ZR700 offers an 18x optical zoom lens and enhanced image stabilization
EX-ZR400 boasts long battery life, capturing about 515 photos on a single charge

Dec. 10 2012   One more round at high speed!
The ultra-fast EXILIM Challenge is going into overtime

Oct. 23 2012   May the games begin! The ultimate fast "EXILIM Challenge"
Sept. 18 2012   Casio Releases Third-Generation High Speed EXILIM Camera with Improved Comfort and Beauty
Flagship Model Equipped with New Graphical User Interface and Hardware as well as Functions That Make the Most of High Speed Technologies

Sept. 18 2012   Casio Releases a High-Zoom, Compact Digital Camera with 24x Optical Zoom Lens
Built-In Art Shot Function Lets Users Take Impressive, Artistic Photos

Aug. 01 2012   Casio Releases EXILIM Cameras with Variety of Appealing Designs to Match Any Lifestyle
Aug. 01 2012   Casio Releases New Flagship EXILIM Digital Camera Offering More Photographic Fun Than Ever
Apr. 16 2012   CASIO Releases Freestyle Digital Camera EX-TR150 Superb for Creating Portraits of Friends and Family
Rotating Monitor and Frame for Totally Flexible Shooting Style, Make-up Mode Ensures Every Face Looks Great

Feb. 02 2012   Casio Releases EXILIM EX-ZR20 with Rapid Shutter That Makes It Easier Than Ever to Take Great Pictures
Fastest EXILIM ZR Series camera shoots in as little as 0.26 seconds between photos; HS Night Shot and Art Shot functions open up the range of shooting possibilities

Jan. 10 2012   Casio Releases Flagship EXILIM with Advanced Auto Features and Rapid Shutter
State-of-the-art Premium AUTO PRO takes beautiful pictures every time; shoots in as little as 0.27 seconds between photos

Jan. 10 2012   Casio Releases Four Stylish New EXILIM Digital Cameras That Are Easy for Beginners to Use
Two models boast Premium AUTO mode for beautiful shots just by pressing the shutter

Oct. 05 2011   Casio Releases New EXILIM Compact Digital Camera with More Advanced Shooting Functions Employing High-Speed Technologies
Featuring Background Blur Function and Super-Wide-Angle Photos Equivalent to 17 mm Enjoy Ease of Use with Start-Up Time of 0.99 Seconds and Time between Photos as Short as 0.29 Seconds

Sept. 06 2011   CASIO'S EXILIM TRYX EX-TR100 takes two titles at the Plus X Award.
The EXILIM TRYX is named "Best Photo Camcorder of 2011" and takes the prize for "Innovation, Design and Easy Operation" too.

Aug. 18 2011   Casio Releases New EXILIM High-Powered Zoom Digital Camera That Is Extra Easy for Beginners to Use
Equipped with 24mm Wide-angle Lens and 12.5x Optical Zoom Simpler Than Ever to Take Beautiful Photos, with "easy Mode"

Aug. 16 2011   The EXILIM EX-ZR100 wins the 2011/2012 EISA Award in the category "European Travel Compact Camera" - Casio wins for the second time in the category's three-year history
Jul. 18 2011   Casio Releases Compact and Stylish New EXILIM Touch-Screen Digital Camera with 26mm Wide-angle Lens and 5x Optical Zoom
With New "Touch Shutter", A Single Touch on the Screen Sets Auto Focus on That Spot and Takes a Photo

Jan. 06 2011   Casio Introduces a High-Sensitivity, Next-Generation Digital Camera with Wide-Angle, High-Power Zoom Lens
Equipped with Casio’s High-Performance EXILIM ENGINE HS and HDR-ART Function for Creating Digital Photo Art

Jan. 06 2011   Casio Releases Travel-Friendly Camera that Can Take 1,000 Photos* on a Single Battery Charge
Compact Camera with a Wide-Angle 24 mm, 12.5x Optical Zoom Lens

Jan. 06 2011   CASIO presents stylish EXILIM digital cameras for every situation
Two new models with 14.1 megapixel resolution, 5x optical zoom lens and a 26 mm wide-angle lens.

Sep. 20 2010   Casio Releases Compact EXILIM Camera with Hybrid-GPS: World’s First Camera Combining GPS with Motion-Sensor Driven Autonomic Positioning
Sep. 20 2010   Casio Releases EXILIM Digital Cameras That Take Artistic Photographs Using HDR Technology: High-Sensitivity, High-Speed Camera Driven by New EXILIM ENGINE HS - Offers the Fun of Creating and Displaying Digital Art
Sep. 20 2010   Casio Releases EXILIM with Single Frame SR Zoom: High-Performance Camera with Super Resolution Zoom and Stylish Design - Features the Fun Composite Moving-Image Function, Dynamic Photo
Aug. 03 2010   Casio Releases Stylish New EXILIM Digital Cameras with Single Frame SR Zoom: Dynamic Photo Function Makes It More Fun to Create and Share Photos
May 31 2010   Keep moments for eternity: The new EXILIM EX-H5 and EXILIM EX-FH25 from CASIO - A compact hi-zoom model with 24 mm wide-angle and 10 x optical zoom as well as high-speed model with the new "high sensitivity CMOS sensor" and 20 x optical zoom
May 17 2010   High performance for a low price: The new EXILIM Zoom EX-Z350 from CASIO - The digital camera offers high quality features in combination with elegant design
Apr. 22 2010   CASIO EXILIM EX-G1 wins 2010 TIPA Award - Digital camera of the new G series receives award as "Best Rugged Compact Camera"
Jan. 07 2010   Casio releases four new EXILIM digital cameras led by high-power zoom lens models: One compact, high speed model with 10X optical zoom, and three models that can combine different moving images
Jan. 07 2010   Perfect model with flair: The new EXILIM Zoom EX-Z330 from CASIO - This new digital camera combines appealing design with technical extras
Nov. 20 2009   Lifestyle press release: Digital camera with G-SHOCK style: CASIO’s new EXILIM G EX-G1 is a real eye-catcher, extremely stylish and exceptionally resistant
Nov. 18 2009   Casio Releases World’s Slimmest*¹ Shock Resistant Digital Camera: Also Waterproof and Dustproof, in a 19.9-mm,*² Smart Design
Aug. 18 2009   Casio Releases EXILIM Digital Cameras that Automatically Detect Photo Subjects with New Intelligent AF
Aug. 17 2009   The new CASIO EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-H10 wins the EISA Award 2009/2010 in the “European Travel Compact Camera” category
Jun. 11 2009   CASIO Releases EXILIM Hi-Zoom Compact Digital Camera with Wide-angle 24 mm, 10X Optical Zoom Lens
Jan. 09 2009   CASIO Introduces HIGH SPEED EXILIM Digital Cameras Offering Burst Shooting in the Slimmest Look Yet, Plus Industry’s First Models That Can Make Composite Moving Images - Stylish digital cameras that make great use of CASIO’s high-speed digital technologies
Dec. 15 2008   HIGH SPEED EXILIM EX-F1 Wins German iF Design Award - EX-F1 Digital Camera Delivers Ultra-high Speed Burst Shooting at 60 Shots Per Second
Sep. 16 2008   CASIO Introduces New HIGH SPEED EXILIM Digital Camera with Ultra High-Speed Burst Shooting Faster Than an SLR
Aug. 20 2008   CASIO Releases Three New EXILIM Digital Cameras: EX-Z300 and EX-Z250, with new imaging engine for superb photography of people and night scenes, and EX-Z85, a stylish new 9.1 megapixel camera
Aug. 18 2008   EXILIM Pro EX-F1 High Speed Digital Camera Wins EISA Award
July 14 2008   CASIO Introduces the Slim and Stylish Digital Camera with a Wide-angle 4X Optical Zoom: Features CCD-shift anti-shake function and a large 3.0 inch LCD display
July 07 2008   CASIO Releases Firmware Update for EXILIM Pro EX-F1 Ultra-High Speed Burst Shooting Digital Camera
June 02 2008   CASIO EXILIM Pro EX-F1 wins DIWA Innovation Award: High-speed digital camera impresses with its innovative technology
May 26 2008   CASIO EXILIM Pro EX-F1 and EXILIM Card EX-S10 receive a Plus X Award 2008: CASIO digital cameras triumph in Europe’s largest technology competition
May 05 2008   CASIO EXILIM Pro EX-F1 wins TIPA Award 2008: “Best Imaging Innovation in Europe 2008“ for the high-speed digital camera
Jan. 15 2008   Two CASIO Products Win iF Product Design Awards 2008: EXILIM® EX-Z1200 Digital Camera and DT-X7 Handheld Terminal
Jan. 07 2008   CASIO to Introduce New EXILIM Digital Cameras.
Offering Enhanced Burst Shooting Performance and Premium Design Quality

Sep. 14 2007   Two Good Reasons to Make a Splash
The new EWC-11 and EWC-110 EXILIM underwater housings

Aug. 31 2007   CASIO Developing World's Fastest-Shooting Digital Camera
Ultra-high speed burst shooting captures 60 still images per second
High speed movie recording, at 300 fps, catches motion faster than the human eye

Aug. 28 2007   CASIO Introduces Two Stylish EXILIM® Digital Cameras with YouTube™ Capture Mode: One with a 7x optical zoom and 8.1 megapixels, the other with high ISO 6400 sensitivity and 10.1 megapixels
July 11 2007   CASIO Introduces Two Stylish New EXILIM® Digital Cameras with "YouTube™ Capture Mode": Plus Next-Generation H.264 High-compression, High-quality Movie Technology
June 06 2007   “EXILIM Tours”: CASIO Online is turning dreams of unique holidays into reality
May 21 2007   CASIO Introduces Flagship EXILIM Zoom Digital Camera with 12 Megapixels
Apr. 03 2007   Perfect couple for snorkel trips!
The new EXILIM snorkel housing EWC-10 for the EX-Z75 and EX-Z65 offers easygoing fun underwater

Mar. 01 2007   New on the Web: Discover the EXILIM EX-V7, the world's slimmest digital camera with a 7X optical zoom lens!
Jan. 30 2007   CASIO Introduces Second Model in Line of Stylish 10.1 Megapixel Digital Cameras - Best-in-class 7 shot/second continuous shutter Subject blur reduction and auto-tracking AF utilizing Motion Analysis technology
Jan. 30 2007   CASIO Introduces Stylish New 7.2 Megapixel Digital Camera - Generous new 2.6-inch wide LCD display makes camera information easier to see, more user-friendly
Jan. 24 2007   Three CASIO Products Win iF Product Design Awards - Two Digital Cameras and a Data Projector
Jan. 09 2007   CASIO Introduces the World's Slimmest Digital Camera with a 7x Optical Zoom Lens
Motion Analysis technology reduces photo blur and enables Auto Tracking AF function Built-in camera shake compensation uses Mechanical CCD Shift technology

Oct. 16 2006   Mysterious X symbol: photographic evidence wanted - great rewards
High-tech digital camera discovered in pharaoh's grave!

Sept. 11 2006   Photography in a blaze of autumnal color: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z700 Blue and Red
Aug. 28 2006   CASIO Introduces EXILIM® Card EX-S770
Ultra-Slim Digital Camera with Wide-Screen LCD

July 27 2006   CASIO Introduces 7.2-Megapixel EXILIM® ZOOM EX-Z700, A Slim, Stylish Digital Camera with Super Bright LCD
June 22 2006   CASIO Introduces EXILIM® ZOOM EX-Z70, A Slim, Stylish Digital Camera with 7.2 Megapixels - Features Easy Mode for Simple Camera Setup
June 22 2006   Summer in the city: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1000 black - the new summer hit
May 03 2006   A new digital camera to start your digital photography experience: The black EXILIM Zoom EX-Z5 by CASIO
Apr. 26 2006   CASIO Introduces New 10.1 Megapixel EXILIM Zoom Digital Camera: With Large 2.8-inch, Wide and Bright LCD Display
Mar. 08 2006   Colourful trends: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z600 black and blue
Mar. 08 2006   User-friendly with colourful views: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z60 black and red
Mar. 08 2006   Holiday photos above and below the water: EXILIM presents two new underwater housings
Feb. 21 2006   High Resolution 8.1 Megapixel Images Highlight EXILIM Zoom EX-Z850, New Digital Camera Offers Big Performance In A Small, Sleek Package
Feb. 21 2006   New EXILIM Zoom EX-Z60 Loaded With Convenient Features, Even Easier To Use, Combines Cutting-Edge Technology, With User-Friendly Functionality and Compact Style
Jan. 23 2006   Stylish New EXILIM Zoom Features Big 2.7-inch Super Bright LCD
Dramatically Improved Display Nearly 3X Brighter, Easier To See Outdoors

Jan. 16 2006   CASIO's EXILIM Card Boasts Advanced Movie Recording Capability
New Digital Camera Reduces Camera Shake in Movies, Takes Quality Photos

Oct. 24 2005   The new CASIO's EXILIM Card EX-S600 Boasts Advanced Movie Recording Capability New Digital Camera Reduces Camera Shake in Movies, Takes Quality Photos
Aug. 29 2005   CASIO at IFA 2005: Always one step ahead # CASIO is celebrating 10 years of digital photography
Aug. 25 2005   Prize-winning beauty: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z750 now in anthracite
Aug. 04 2005   Five-Hundred Sharp Shots on a Single Charge
New EXILIM Zoom Features Anti Shake DSP and Large 2.7-inch Screen

Aug. 04 2005   New Digital Cameras Focus on User-Friendly Convenience
High Performance EXILIM Zoom with Anti Shake DSP for Everyone

Jun. 09 2005   Photo and movie fun in checkcard format:
The new EXILIM EX-S500 with 5 megapixels and movie function

Mar. 07 2005   The new EXILIM EX-Z57 "Black Metal" with 2.7-inch TFT colour display
Feb. 15 2005   Small Pixel Wonder:
The new EXILIM EX-Z750 with 7.2 megapixels

Feb. 15 2005   Gigantic prospects:
The EXILIM EX-Z57 with extra large 2.7-inch TFT colour display

Jan. 31 2005   Super compact multi-talent: Brilliant Photos and Movies with the new EXILIM Pro EX-P505
Jan. 31 2005   Scene style in twin-pack: The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z55 comes with two Special Editions
Dec. 06 2004   Snow-white winter's dream: the new EXILIM EX-S100 "White Passion"
Nov. 10 2004   Proven technology, new look: The new Special Edition EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 "Blue Ice"
Nov. 10 2004   Simply dive in and take photos: The new EXILIM underwater casing EWC-55 makes it possible
Oct. 18 2004   Fiery photo technology for hot winter nights: The new EXILIM Zoom EX-Z50 "Red Star"
Aug. 25 2004   Pixel power in no time at all! The new ones are coming: EXILIM EX-Z50 and EXILIM EX-Z55
Aug. 25 2004   The new EXILIM Card EX-S100 with "ceramic lens"
Aug. 25 2004   Professional photo technology in a cool look: The new EXILIM Pro EX-P700 goes to the starting grid with 7.2 megapixels and black body!
Aug. 16 2004   CASIO on the road to success: EXILIM EX-P600 wins EISA Award
Aug. 09 2004   Innovation from the house of CASIO: The SUPER LIFE-Battery for extra-long photo fun
Aug. 02 2004   CASIO Develops World's First Transparent Ceramic Lens Using Murata's LUMICERA™
Feb. 25 2004   A small miracle of design with a lot of power:
The new EXILIM EX-Z30 and EX-Z40 promise extra-long photo fun

Feb. 13 2004   CASIO Announces 6-Megapixel EXILIM Pro with 4X Optical Zoom - Stylish New Range-Topping EXILIM Model
Aug. 27 2003   New: EXILIM EX-Z4 - CASIO introduces new EXILIM Zoom high-performance slim digital camera. High-resolution 4-megapixel CCD, 3X seamless optical zoom
Aug. 27 2003   New: EXILIM EX-S20/EX-M20 - CASIO introduces new EXILIM mini card size digital camera. With extended battery performance, and now with a macro feature
Aug. 16 2003   CASIO wins EISA Award: EXILIM EX-Z3 convinces EISA jury and is named Europen Digital Mini-Camera of the Year 2003-2004.
Apr. 7 2003   CASIO Digital Cameras Break New Boundaries in Adventure:
EWC-1 waterproof case effectively protects EXILIM family against water, dust and dirt

Mar. 2 2003   The New 3.2 Megapixel EXILIM EX-S3
Thin, card-size digital camera with large LCD monitor screen

Jan. 9 2003   The EXILIM with 3X Optical Zoom!"EXILIM Zoom"
Thin, card-size digital camera with large LCD monitor screen

Aug. 29 2002   CASIO extends EXILIM range Major marketing campaign:
EX-S2 and EX-M2 hit Photokina with 2 megapixels

Aug. 1 2002 CASIO extends EXILIM range:
EX-S2 and EX-M2 with 2 megapixels from September

Jun. 26 2002 EXILIM is now on the market and on the Web with an online game at
May 10 2002 CASIO presents the world's thinnest (11 mm), smallest, and lightest digital camera*: EXILIM: world leader in digital photography to go on sale in June for €379
Mar. 14 2002 CASIO presents the thinnest (11 mm), smallest, and lightest digital camera in the world.*:
EXILIM leads the way in lifestyle digital cameras

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